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Real Estate Investing Terms

In our continuing efforts to assist owners in their real estate investing goals, we are publishing a series of investing terms. As you study the market, you may come across many acronyms. Understanding these terms is important for a solid basis of understanding of real estate […]

Real Estate Investing Terms2019-10-31T15:30:21-10:00

How Net Cash Flow Works for Real Estate Investing

When you buy a rental property, your goal is to make money. Real estate investing allows you to gain an ongoing source of passive income as well as long-term appreciation in your property. Over time, you can gradually increase your holdings until you have a thriving […]

How Net Cash Flow Works for Real Estate Investing2019-08-22T07:43:22-10:00

8 Great Tips for New Real Estate Investors

Real estate can create long-term wealth, and has been a great investment for a lot people. As with any investment, however, it pays to do your homework, especially when you likely will be investing hundreds of the thousands of dollars. While you are going to want […]

8 Great Tips for New Real Estate Investors2019-08-05T14:36:12-10:00

Calculating Depreciation on Rental Property

Cash flow is important when buying investment property. But there is another benefit to owning rental property that can help in a different way. It involves taking a deduction for capital depreciation on your taxes. Taking full advantage of these deductions can get a little complex, […]

Calculating Depreciation on Rental Property2019-07-28T10:40:57-10:00

Busting Myths about Rental Management

Real estate can be a great investment for the future. However, navigating landlord/tenant law can be a challenge, especially for new real estate investors. A first-time potential homeowner asked about buying a duplex, to live in half and rent the other half to help pay the […]

Busting Myths about Rental Management2019-07-18T18:41:34-10:00

Home prices stop their meteoric rise

Home prices are expected to level off. This is based on two important indicators of home appreciation came out this month, both showing the same thing:  home price increases are slowing rapidly. Economists are forecasting continued slowdowns in appreciation, according to polls by Reuters, Zillow and […]

Home prices stop their meteoric rise2019-04-15T22:17:43-10:00

Hurricane Preparedness for Properties

June marked the beginning of hurricane season in Hawaii, which runs through the end of November. Whether you are homeowner or renter, the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency urges island residents to be prepared in case a hurricane threatens Maui. By taking a few steps […]
Hurricane Preparedness for Properties2018-06-11T08:26:38-10:00

What to Look for in the Condo Documents

Condos offer a wonderful low maintenance lifestyle and are often a more affordable option in Maui County. When you purchase a condo, you are also investing in the association that oversees the property. Before making a commitment, there are several documents that should be […]
What to Look for in the Condo Documents2018-07-03T12:15:26-10:00

Is it Time to Take the Leap into Home Ownership?

With rent prices climbing, it may be worthwhile to explore buying your first home in Maui County. These 7 important considerations, from financial and tax benefits to having control over your own environment, will help you decide if it is time to stop renting […]
Is it Time to Take the Leap into Home Ownership?2018-05-26T15:37:39-10:00