Calculating Investment Property Capitalization Rate

Investing in rental properties can be lucrative, especially if you leverage your financing appropriately. However, do you know how much of that income is really profit?

Understanding how to properly assess rental property investments by using the right calculations essential. Every aspect of costs and potential gains must […]

Calculating Investment Property Capitalization Rate2019-06-14T16:57:43-10:00

How Financing a Rental Property Creates Leverage

What does leverage in real estate mean?

Leverage in real estate simply means how much money you borrow to finance an investment property compared to the property’s worth. You are “leveraging” other people’s money to maximize your ability to buy more investment properties with less. The higher […]

How Financing a Rental Property Creates Leverage2019-05-13T12:13:33-10:00

7 never-ever things to do when renting

Finding your next great rental is hard enough. Don’t sabotage yourself by making these never-do mistakes.

  1. Never Rent Sight-Unseen

Browsing online listings is a great way to find a new home. But before sending money or signing a lease, make sure you actually visit the apartment in […]

7 never-ever things to do when renting2019-04-26T01:06:34-10:00

Home prices stop their meteoric rise

Home prices are expected to level off. This is based on two important indicators of home appreciation came out this month, both showing the same thing:  home price increases are slowing rapidly. Economists are forecasting continued slowdowns in appreciation, according to polls by Reuters, Zillow and […]

Home prices stop their meteoric rise2019-04-15T22:17:43-10:00

New Law Relaxes Rules on Ohana Units

In trying to battle Maui’s residential housing crisis, the County of Maui recently eased up on some restrictions regarding “accessory dwellings,” or as we call them, ohanas. In addition to potentially creating more long-term rental units, the new law creates opportunities for homeowners or those looking […]

New Law Relaxes Rules on Ohana Units2019-03-29T16:02:52-10:00

3 good reasons to consider buying renter’s insurance

Many renters assume the landlord or property owner is responsible when things happen to a property. However, covering your personal losses in the event of things like natural disasters, theft and many other scenarios are not among a landlord’s responsibility. That is where renter’s insurance comes […]

3 good reasons to consider buying renter’s insurance2019-03-15T19:49:27-10:00

Has your tenant tried to use their deposit as last month’s rent?

Of the many complaints we hear from property owners with self-managed units, tenants trying to use their deposit as their last month’s rent is common. This can be stressful and create a financial burden for the owner.

The first thing owners should understand is that under Hawaii […]

Has your tenant tried to use their deposit as last month’s rent?2019-02-26T09:35:59-10:00

Establishing Good Landlord/Tenant Relations

Investing in property for long term rentals can be a lucrative real estate investment. However, owning property and dealing with tenants is not without obstacles. There is always a concern of the property being damaged or vacant. Every landlord wants to find “good” tenants. Most owners […]

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