Questions to Ask When Renting a Home or Condo

Questions to Ask When Renting a Home or Condo

When discussing a rental with an agent, you may be interested in the features like parking and whether it has a washer/dryer.  Here are a few other key items to ask the leasing agent to determine if the unit fits your needs and budget

How much is the rent and what does it include?

You likely know the rent already, but make sure to ask about the security deposit and any other fees that may be due upfront, along with how to make payments. Ask if any extras like utilities or parking are included in the rent, as this could make it more affordable. If utilities are not included, ask about how much these run each month.

Does the building have any policies or restrictions?

Some buildings have restrictions for pets, visitors, and noise after a certain hour. Understanding these policies can help you avoid rentals that don’t fit your lifestyle. For example, if you already have a pet or have a family member who stays with you for weeks at a time, it’s not worthwhile to look at apartments that don’t allow pets or long-term guests.

How do you handle maintenance and repairs?

Most apartments need work occasionally, from fixing leaky faucets to tuning up the HVAC. These services are likely covered by your landlord or rental company, but you should find out about the process. Ask who you should contact to report any breakdowns and how quickly they will be fixed. Additionally, find out how and when maintenance professionals will be given access to your space.

What happens if I need to move out?

Make sure to discuss the lease term. Long-term rentals on Maui are a minimum of six months. Ask if there is a month-to-month option after the first six months if you think you might move within a year. In many cases, you may simply forfeit your security deposit by moving out early.


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