June marked the beginning of hurricane season in Hawaii, which runs through the end of November. Whether you are homeowner or renter, the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency urges island residents to be prepared in case a hurricane threatens Maui. By taking a few steps in advance, you could also save waiting in long lines for supplies if a major storm does hit the islands. The agency recommends stocking an emergency supply kit containing at least 14 days of food, water and other supplies.

HEMA suggests following these steps to prepare:

• Preparing a clearly understood family action plan for a hurricane or tropical storm. (Details would include whether a family plans to shelter in place or evacuate.)

• Knowing whether a home is at risk of flooding, high winds or other hazards, and what to do to safeguard against hazards.

• Staying tuned to local news media and their websites for weather updates.

• Signing up for a local emergency notification system.

• Volunteering for a community emergency response team by calling 723-8960.

• Clearing storm drain gutters; removing and securing loose items; and keeping car gas tanks filled.

• Taking care of pets by purchasing a carrier and enough pet food and water for two weeks.

• Setting aside an emergency supply of medications and making a copy of prescriptions in case they run out.

• Securing important documents in protective containers.