Many renters assume the landlord or property owner is responsible when things happen to a property. However, covering your personal losses in the event of things like natural disasters, theft and many other scenarios are not among a landlord’s responsibility. That is where renter’s insurance comes in.

renters insuranceHurricanes do blow through the islands, giving you little time to evacuate with whatever possessions you can take with you. South Maui recently had a wildfire that burned 200 acres and forced about 100 people to evacuate. Unusual amounts of rain have caused flooding on Maui, but flooding can also occur from something as simple as a clogged air conditioning hose or an overfilled bathtub. While the owner’s policy may cover structural damages, that does not help your soggy or ruined possessions.

There are a few good reasons to consider a renter’s policy.

  1. Renters insurance is inexpensive

The cost of renters insurance is small compared with how much you’ll spend on rent in a year. Of course rates vary by area, and expect to pay a little more on Maui, just like for everything else.

However, according to, the average renters insurance policy is under $150 a year for $30,000 in coverage, making it affordable for just about every budget.

  1. Your landlord’s insurance won’t cover you

Don’t be caught unaware- many people think in the event of a fire or flood your landlord’s insurance will cover your belongings. The owner’s personal possessions may be covered, the tenants are not.

If a roommate leave a candle burning and a fire ruins your clothes, art work and electronics, replacing everything will be on your dime.

Even if the event has to do with a system in the house, such a flood due to a leaky pipe, the landlord is required to repair the pipe, not replace your possessions.

If a burglar breaks down your door or shatters a window and steals everything you own, the landlord will only be responsible for fixing the door or window.

Without renters insurance, you have no protection for loss of your possessions.

  1. It protects you against personal liability

Your renter’s insurance could also cover what happens to someone else in your home. If an accident were to happen and someone sued you for negligence, your renter’s insurance may provide protection. This could include slip and falls, pet bites, or an injury caused by a family member.

Without renter’s insurance, you risk losing all of your possessions and being held liable for accidents. A few bucks of month could buy you some peace of mind.