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Why Rents are High on Maui and Nationwide

Just as historic shortages of properties for sale in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic drove housing prices soaring, rental prices have risen too. And even though renters are feeling it hard on Maui, this is a growing nationwide issue. Below, we outline the market […]

Why Rents are High on Maui and Nationwide2022-02-28T19:00:21-10:00

Is Now a Good Time to Buy an Investment Property on Maui?

Most investors know the basic premise for success: “Buy Low and Sell High.” Seems simple, but in practice it is not. In real estate, we really don’t know the best time to buy until years past the purchase, when see if purchase prices have gone up […]

Is Now a Good Time to Buy an Investment Property on Maui?2021-04-12T14:34:07-10:00

New Law Relaxes Rules on Ohana Units

In trying to battle Maui’s residential housing crisis, the County of Maui recently eased up on some restrictions regarding “accessory dwellings,” or as we call them, ohanas. In addition to potentially creating more long-term rental units, the new law creates opportunities for homeowners or those looking […]

New Law Relaxes Rules on Ohana Units2019-03-29T16:02:52-10:00

Establishing Good Landlord/Tenant Relations

Investing in property for long term rentals can be a lucrative real estate investment. However, owning property and dealing with tenants is not without obstacles. There is always a concern of the property being damaged or vacant. Every landlord wants to find “good” tenants. Most owners […]

Establishing Good Landlord/Tenant Relations2019-01-27T19:46:28-10:00
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