If you have been following our real estate market reports, you know closed condo sales lagged behind residential sales in 2020 on Maui. However, in December statistics we saw that start to turn around. Whether you want to take advantage of a robust market, or have an urgent need to sell for any reason, this guide will help you move your property in an efficient way.

#1. Choose Agents Knowledgeable About Condominiums. It may sound a little self-serving to put this fact up front, but hear us out. In addition to real estate sales, Destination Maui Realty provides long-term rental management at numerous condominium properties through Maui. In addition, we have a close relationship with sister companies Destination Maui Vacations, which manages vacation rental condominiums, and Destination Maui, Inc, which provides condominium association management services. To say we know island condominiums well would be an understatement. There is no other company on island that works as comprehensively with condominiums and their owners as Destination Maui.

So, when it comes time to sell, don’t you want to work with a company that knows the specialized market of condominium sales? We know how properties and features differ, and work with all different types of owners, from investors to owner/residents or part-time residents.

#2. Get Our Expert Pricing Advice. Frankly, any agent can pull sales information for your condominium complex and similar ones in the area. Our history and detailed knowledge of properties really makes a difference when setting pricing. Perhaps a neighboring complex has had a special assessment or legal proceedings that would skew pricing. Or, there is a particular reason why another complex brings in above average rental income. We combine comprehensive market data with our long-standing, boots on the ground knowledge to come up accurate pricing.

The other factor is you. If you have a need to sell more promptly, pricing your unit more competitively or offering buyer incentives is something to consider. Even if time is not a driving factor, we can advise you on the benefits of pricing your condominium in a fair and accurate way so it does not go stale on the market.

#3. Partner With Us in the Sale.  You’ve probably heard about the beneficial role owner’s play in staging a home for sale- clean, declutter and depersonalize. All true. But what many miss out on is the knowledge you have that could help sell your condominium faster at the right price. This includes providing us with a list of improvements you’ve made to the unit over the past decade, including any special features that otherwise could be overlooked. We’ll also ask you for rental records, maintenance fees and any current or upcoming special assessments so we have the full picture of your condominium’s finances.

Here’s the hard part. If you have spent any time living in the condominium, you have likely customized it to your own taste and comfort. Know in advance that we may make some suggestions for minor repairs or cosmetic fixes to help appeal to a wider spectrum of buyers. This is where you need to view the process as a business transaction, and not any reflection on your personal style. Recommendations could be as simple as a new comforter and lamps in a bedroom, cleaning up dark caulking around a tub, or a lick of neutral paint in the living room. We have contractor contacts for you to make this an easier process. While everything (other than cleanliness) is an option, our strategy is to attract the most buyers to your condominium.

#4. Choose an Agent Hip with Technology. We employ a broad range of tools to not only get your listing on the multiple listing service fast, but it is also distributed to a multitude of local and national real estate websites and directories. Buyers are searching for homes online, and we want to make sure they see your condominium. We also deploy digital ads and traditional marketing to make your listing stand out.

This same technology allows us to communicate with you and share and sign documents, even if you are not on Maui. We want the whole process to be fast and convenient for you, no matter where you are in the world.

Almost just as important is how our company applies technology outside of the sale process. We have an up-to-date website, optimized for mobile and tablet devices with fresh content added continually. Our social media is also fresh and continually updated. This reassures buyers of our long-standing, trusted history.

#5. Work with a Company that Applies “Market Listening.” If the pandemic’s influence in the market last year could be summed up in one word it is “unpredictable.” We continually follow trends and apply data-driven decisions. However, the human factor, how people react to your listing, is just as critical. We’ll provide feedback on how buyers are reacting to your condominium. This includes during in person showings and from social listening—monitoring comments across social media channels. In times of uncertainty, we must all be flexible. We will advise you on changes in the market and recommendations to adjust your listing accordingly.

#6. Aim for a Positive Outcome for All. Not being affiliated with a national brand means Destination Maui Realty can take a different approach to real estate. We often work with our clients in other capacities before listing a property for sale. There is a high level of trust, and trust starts with honesty. The sales transaction has a high level of listening and personal care. We carry through this integrity to both sides of the transaction, creating a win-win where customers always come first.

Please call our office to be connected with an agent. We would be happy to provide a complimentary evaluation of your condominium for sale. Our main office number is 808-879-0080, or for more direct service, email us at realty@destinationmaui.net.